As one of East Anglias largest aggregate recycling contractors, we always have available top quality recycled aggregates for construction use including:
Cambs HER sub base is processed and graded to the specification required by Cambridgeshire County Councilís Housing Estate Road Construction Specification. The material has a grading envelope of 65mm down to fines, and is suitable for a wide range of fill applications./font>
Type 1 graded planings are screened to provide a material which complies with Specification for Highway Works (SHW)Type 1 supplierís declared grading requirements, giving a 65mm down tarmac material which is ideal for applications such as road repair, car park installation and maintenance and amenity surfaces such as footpaths.
6F3 graded planings are graded to 125mm down, and provide a coarse mix of planings for use in applications such as trackway repairs and agricultural construction.
Recycled pipe bedding is made to a grading of 12 - 4mm, and comprises crushed concrete and pea shingle, offering a product which combines the benefits of a recycled aggregate with the aesthetics of a primary material. The grading of this material can be tailored to suit individual contract requirements.
6l fill material is a fine granular material, with a grading of 30mm down to fines. Our product is made from concrete fines, and is suitable for all fill applications that require a high degree of compaction, and a small particle size.
Other products If you have a standard or specification requirement that is not listed here, or require a material which is produced to your own specification, please contact one of our Service Team. They will be happy to arrange the production of a quality recycled aggregate that meets your individual needs.
All our products are manufactured in accordance with the WRAP Aggregates Quality Protocol giving you the confidence that they will be of consistent quality and fit for purpose.